Promote tap water



'Water for Water' and supply the athletes with water

At the Nottwil 2017 World Para Athletics Junior Championships, a total of approximately 6,000 plastic bottles of water were distributed. The high temperatures ensured that a lot of ice cream was consumed in the Sports Arena.


Water scarcity, water quality and water supply have a decisive impact on our everyday lives. Hundreds of millions of people are existentially affected. At the same time, water, the "oil of the 21st century", is transported physically and virtually around the world. Consequently, we as consumers leave our water footprints everywhere. This can have devastating effects on local water systems. For these reasons, the handling of, and knowledge about water will be of crucial importance for future generations.


For this reason, the LOC decided to set an example and has therefore found two strong partners in WATER FOR WATER and BRACK.CH to support the pilot project to reduce water waste and plastic waste.



  • Reduction by 80% of bottled water used in the event area
  • Support of water projects in Africa through the distribution / sale of WfW bottles



At the Nottwil 2019 World Para Athletics Junior Championships, around 1,500 returnable bottles will be handed out free of charge to athletes, supervisors, volunteers and ITOs. These bottles can be refilled at filling stations with top-quality Swiss tap water. The use of bottled water will be thereby significantly reduced and restricted to the call room (safety - doping) and the catering area. Sufficient recycling points will be provided for the collection of PET bottles.


Support us now!

Support the Junior World Championships and Water for Water with the purchase of one of the original '24 Bottles' in event design. Available in the catering area of the Sport Arena Nottwil during the Junior World Championships for CHF 25.-